The FT-MTA03 Micromechanical Testing and Assembly Station is a highly versatile micromechanical testing instrument. It combines the capabilities of a nanoindenter, a stylus profilometer, a micro tensile tester and a microstructure analyzer.

The FT-NMT04 Nanomechanical Testing System is a versatile in-situ SEM/FIB nanoindenter capable of accurately quantifying the mechanical behavior of materials at the micro- and nanoscale.
As the world’s first MEMS-based nanoindenter, the FT-NMT04 is based on the patented FemtoTools Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology. Leveraging over two decades of technological innovations, this in-situ nanoindenter features unmatched resolution, repeatability and dynamic response.


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) combine electrical as well as mechanical aspects on a single chip. For this reason, not only electrical, but also mechanical properties of these sensors and actuators provide valuable insights into their functionality and reliability.

The FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation is a wafer-level MEMS testing instrument that allows for the fast, user-friendly and simultaneous testing of mechanical, electrical and geometrical properties on MEMS chips.

FT-MTA03 Micromechanical Testing And Assembly System5-Axis in-situ SEM Nanoindenter FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation